How to solve Vizio soundbar lights going up and down

Vizio sound bars are some of the best on the market. They’re perfect for people who want excellent quality but can’t afford to spend a lot more money than they need to! There is still one major drawback: sometimes problems arise that cause Vizios’ lights(Vizio Soundbar Lights going up and down) and other frequencies. Such as Wi-Fi signals or Bluetooth connections from your phone/tablet interfering with each other- causing them to flick up (in mode) down repeatedly. This usually happens because someone changed settings recently rather than interference through walls, etcetera) until they reset themselves back into their original state.

Turn off and on the device to solve Vizio sound bar lights flashing up and down.

To solve your Vizio sound bar lights flash up and down, follow these steps: First, turn off the device by unplugging it from the power source. Next, press and hold on to each of the volume buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until you see “volume muted” appear in the top left corner. Release all buttons when done holding them so they can go back to their normal states lit up again with no light blinking’s around itself, indicating whether pressing any button will affect anything at this point (centred). If there is still no change after following both solutions listed above, try changing some settings last time because it is possible that a change in setting caused the issue.

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Check Demo Mode

Another possible reason your soundbar goes into demo mode is that it’s being used as a test device. In this case, lights on the front of the unit will flash and up/downlight arrows may appear in different colors to indicate that you’re operating with limited functionality. Until its factory reset or settings have been restored from an earlier point before using an incorrectly configured network connection was enabled by accident.

To turn off Demo Mode, you can use the app for your soundbar and get it out of DEMO mode. Or suppose that’s not what you want to do. In that case, there are two physical buttons on both sides (near Bluetooth) which need 5 seconds each with quick presses. Until they start flashing four times together- this will remove any restrictions from being placed onto a specific device. So keep pressing them; down while doing other tasks too!

vizio soundbar lights going up and down

Factory Reset your Soundbar to solve Vizio Soundbar lights going up and down

If nothing has worked, then you need to factory reset your sound bar. This could be because it’s an issue with incorrect settings, and going back to default will fix the problem!

Some soundbars have some buttons on them and depending upon the model you own. It may be different from what’s listed above. Typically there is both an input button as well as volume up/down ones too! Make sure to check your instruction manual for specific instructions about which one does what before jumping into anything blindly, though- some people find themselves pressing two buttons at once because they’re not used often enough without realizing why certain things happen when this happens.

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The soundbar is not plugged incorrectly.

One cause for a Vizio sound bar to flash up and down is an issue with the socket. If you have a loose plug, it will show itself in bright flashes on your TV screen or even through its speakers! This can sometimes be attributed to power accumulation which needs clearing out by unplugging the device from the outlet before leaving it to sit idle for a while. Usually, about 5 minutes should do if there are no issues present yet after doing so, then plug back into another source of electricity while checking if any changes occur between attempts at resetting these settings.

vizio soundbar lights going up and down


The sound bar is the best of its kind on offer, and we suggest you get your hands on it. It provides high-quality audio with stunning clarity for any music lover who wants to be dazzled by their favourite tunes. However, sometimes this device can act up – so above are some tips about what might have caused those flashing lights! If nothing works or help isn’t solving the problem right away. Call customer service because waiting sucks more than anything else.

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