Vizio Sound bar keeps cutting out. Here is Solution

I am using a Vizio soundbar that is plugged into a router with a hard-wired ethernet connection. My Xbox 360 is also plugged into the router via an ethernet cable, and everything else in my house connects wirelessly. I have had the Soundbar for about 2 months now, and at first, it was working fine, but after about 1 month, I started experiencing dropouts with the Soundbar. The Xbox, however, was fine, and I could play for hours without any problems.

The Soundbar would often disconnect if I turned it up too loud (I like to listen to music), played too many games on my Xbox at once, or went about 2 feet away from the Soundbar. It was driving me nuts, but if I walked back over to the Soundbar, it would pick up where it left off without any problems – no word of a lie! The only easy fix I could find was to sit less than 2 feet away from it at all times. This Solution worked for about 2 weeks but then started cutting out again.

After Doing my Research, Here are some of the issues you can try to solve your Vizio Sound bar keeps cutting out problem.

Input Method

It has been observed that sometimes the hardware fails. In most cases, Changing ports solve the problem. If your video also Disturbs while Audio Disconnect, it is a hardware issue Because most people use the HDMI port to transfer sound with the video. But HDMI cable has only 2 conditions on and off. Therefore, if the audio goes off, the video will be off also. If you are using an HDMI cable, consider changing your cable. If it doesn’t help, change your input method because it’s a hardware issue in your Soundbar.

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Heating Issue one reason for Vizio Sound bar keeps cutting out

Vizio Soundbar has heat protection to save Soundbar from overheating. Using Soundbar more continuously will cause its board to heat up. To save Soundbar from burning or getting damaged, it disconnects from the source to cool down its board. So after using hours, please Turn off your Soundbar for some time to cool it down.

Dust issue

Dust plays an important role in any Electrical Device Malfunction. if you are using your Soundbar in the garden or at a place where Dust is in common, Then Dust will go inside your Soundbar even in the small amount that will eventually disturb your Soundbar to perform in full capacity

To solve this issue, clean your Vizio soundbar. For in-depth cleaning, you will need to open your Soundbar or contact the Vizio service center to ask them to clean your bar.

Update Firmware

Old firmware can cause problems. It happens because everyday mobile phones or laptops are getting updates to improve their performance, and Soundbar’s old firmware did not connect properly. At the end causing problems.

To upgrade your soundbar firmware, go to the Vizio site, enter your model number, and see if an update is available. If available, install it. you will get your issue resolved

Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out Bluetooth

In case you are using your Soundbar via Bluetooth and facing Vizio Sound bar keeps cutting out issue. Then try to stay close to Soundbar. Sometimes Frequency causes the issue if there is any other wireless device (like a router) near your Soundbar. Consider Removing it from there. I faced this issue, and removing the router from that point solved my issue.

You may see someone using their Soundbar from another room, but it is not working for you. The reason for this can be your wall. If your house walls are thick, then it may cause a problem for signals to go through. So sit in the same room where Soundbar is placed if your walls are thicker.

Contact Vizio Support

Suppose all the above solutions didn’t work for you. Then contact Vizio support and ask them to help you solve your issue. You can go to their service center also with your Soundbar. They will surely help you to fix your Soundbar.

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