Top 10 Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer

If you are a big fan and good listener of music then you must have the Bluetooth speaker with subwoofer. It doesn’t only improve sound quality but also gives the best result of sound. It enhances the bass of your music. These speakers can give you crystal clear sound and bass with long range.

Here are some of the best Bluetooth speakers with subwoofers you can listen:

  • Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Speaker
  • JBL BassPro Go Bluetooth Speaker
  • MIATONE 60W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Speaker
  • Edifier S350DB Bluetooth Speaker
  • DINDIN Bluetooth Speaker
  • ABRAMTEK E600 Bluetooth Speaker
  • MUSGO Bluetooth Speaker 
  • SUPNIU Bluetooth Speaker
  • SOWO Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Speaker

Experience superior sound with Logitech Z407, featuring our intelligent audio technologies that automatically optimize volume and EQ based on what you’re playing. Plus, they’re part of the THX. Select2 Plus certification program, so you know you’re getting the best audio experience possible. Use the speakerphone function to take hands-free calls directly from your computer, or wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Enjoy the convenience of 100 ft. wireless range, or plug them directly into your computer’s USB port for reliable wired performance. Plus, the master/slave speaker capability allows you to wirelessly connect multiple speakers for an even more powerful sound. Whether you’re streaming your favorite playlist or watching a movie, Logitech Z407 delivers room-filling sound.

Give your desktop computer a bigger sound. These Z407 Speakers from Logitech provide big sound in a small package. The sound bar features two 2.25″ drivers that deliver crisp highs, while the 2-inch down-firing subwoofer enhances the low end, delivering big bass with clarity. These speakers feature an adjustable bass boost that you can use to customize the bass response to your liking. The built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you wirelessly stream music from your mobile devices. The USB port lets you connect your smartphone or tablet to play your music through these speakers. The compact design takes up little room on your desk and looks great in any room of your home.

Listen. Adjust. Experience. Perfected. With the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Speaker Z507, you can control your music from across the room. With a 30-foot range, you can adjust the volume and bass right from the speaker. You can even change the song from across the room with the push of a button! The Audio Speaker Z507 comes in a graphite gray to give your space a more refined look. Speakers can be placed vertically or horizontally – whichever way you prefer. Connectivity comes easy with Bluetooth technology, so you can stream music from your tablet, computer, or smartphone. Make and receive calls from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone without missing a beat!

Logitech Z407 is a stylish 2.1-channel speaker system that delivers premium audio performance. The immersive subwoofer delivers deep, punchy bass that’s combined with crisp highs and powerful midrange. The computer speaker system is engineered to deliver wide-range sound and clear highs and mids. The 1-inch neodymium driver and 3.5-inch cone woofer deliver full-range sound.

bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

JBL BassPro Go Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a portable speaker to take on your next outdoor excursion? Look no further than the JBL BassPro Go. With a rugged build and a subwoofer that pumps out up to 100W of high-performance sound, this speaker will keep the tunes coming wherever you go. The BassPro Go is powered by an internal 100W amplifier, and won’t drain your phone’s battery. It’s the perfect travel companion for hiking, camping and even tailgating. This lightweight speaker is constructed of high-impact plastic and rubber, making it resistant to outdoor elements like rain, mud and snow. The BassPro Go has a passive subwoofer that delivers strong bass, and a full-range speaker that provides crisp and clear sound. This speaker also features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device with up to 33′ of range. It also has a USB port so you can charge your mobile device while you listen to your music.

The BassPro GO Bluetooth is the first fully-functional, full-range, portable Bluetooth speaker small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This powerful, full-range Bluetooth speaker features two drivers and delivers sound that is sure to impress anyone within earshot. JBL BassPro GO’s powerful onboard, 50W, Class-D amplifier and custom-designed transducers provide more volume, tight bass, and room-filling sound—regardless of where you place it in your vehicle. This compact powerhouse features a built-in battery that provides up to 10 hours of music—and if you get caught in the rain, you won’t fret, as the BassPro GO is designed to be weather resistant. JBL BassPro GO’s splash-proof construction and rugged rubber ends—which are also UV resistant—give this portable speaker the protection it needs for life on the go. So go ahead, take your BassPro GO anywhere you want. It delivers sound that will have everyone listening and sharing the music.

Now JBL BassPro Go (BPG) is the first ever fully portable subwoofer made for your car featuring a built-in rechargeable battery. Drive your music with powerful, bass-thumping audio by connecting the BPG to your car’s 12-volt DC power supply. When the party’s over, simply detach it from the harness, tuck it under your arm and walk away from the vehicle. The BPG is capable of playing your favorite music wirelessly for up to 8 hours.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

MIATONE 60W Bluetooth Speaker

Mobile Planet’s Mi-Audio Megabox Bluetooth Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 20 Watts powerful subwoofers and DSP technology that delivers a rich, powerful, bass sound. Built from a strong aluminum chassis, this premium speaker allows you to re-live the party wherever you are. The Mi-Audio Megabox Bluetooth Speaker offers crisp treble and strong bass, producing a deep rich sound. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone and other devices. The dual-band wireless router offers a seamless connection with all your Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Megabox Bluetooth speaker comes with a USB charging port, a 3.5 mm audio-in jack, and a USB power port. It features a sleek, compact and robust design, allowing you to enjoy your music wherever you are.

MIATONE MEGABOX is a powerful Bluetooth speaker with 60W output power and 2.1 stereo sound. Total 40W woofer output power and 20W tweeter output power, deliver monstrous sound and control excellent balance between high, mid, and low frequencies. Built-in high quality lithium polymer battery provides up to 12 hours of crystal clear sound. Built-in microphone for handsfree speakersphone calls. Plus its rugged enough to handle your wildest tailgate party and camping, MIATONE outdoor speaker is IPX6 waterproof, which withstand any weather and pool parties. Available in three attractive colors [Black, White, Wood-grain] to match your favorite household and personal style.

The MIATONE portable Bluetooth speaker is built-in high-capacity rechargeable 8000mAh battery, which has the function to charge any device, phone, tablet mp3 player if you are out in the nature and your phone battery died. It also can give you enough power to listen music up to 24 hours at 30% volume. Please note that the speaker is a high-power electronic product, you need to use a 5V 2A charging head (not included in package) to charge the speaker.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Speaker

Full sound without the hassle of wires to connect. The Edifier R1280DB bluetooth bookshelf speakers are the perfect option for enjoying your favourite music wirelessly. With its compact body, you can place the speakers on your shelf or desk and enjoy the sound without the need to connect any wires. This makes the bookshelf speakers an excellent choice for small offices, dormitories and bedrooms. The speakers also come with a handy remote control that can be used to change the volume and skip tracks conveniently. Equipped with a 4” bass driver and a 13mm silk dome tweeter the bookshelf speakers deliver studio-style sound quality.

Edifier’s R1280DB bookshelf speakers are a great choice for anyone looking to add a multimedia system to their home theater. They not only look great, but they sound great too, thanks to their high-performance bass reflex enclosure, silk dome tweeters, and precision-tuned drivers. These powered speakers will help you to enjoy all of your music, whether it’s streamed from your tablet to your home theater system, or it’s played from a device connected directly to the speakers. Thanks to their Bluetooth connection, you can also use your smartphone or tablet to pair with the speakers and stream your music from up to 100 feet away. These speakers include USB ports for audio and charging, and optical and coaxial inputs for digital audio connection. You can use the R1280DB speakers to connect to your computer to use them as a home theater system, or you can connect them to a TV and use them as a soundbar. Either way, you’re going to get awesome sound out of these bookshelf speakers.

Take your music to the next level with Edifier’s R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers! These small, but powerfully efficient speakers are designed with a rich and deep bass, while also providing crisp and clear treble. The book shelf speaker legs provide stability and a sleek look that’s perfect for your home or office. Designed to be used in pairs, these speakers are the perfect addition to any small room that you want to add a lot of sound to, such as a dorm room, bedroom, or office! Use the built in Bluetooth capabilities to stream music directly from your phone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth device. Use it to power a DJ set, time to throw a rave! Use the wired speaker inputs to connect your CD, DVD, VCR, or . . . dare we say . . . record player! The USB port also allows you to charge your USB compatible device, so take your music with you wherever you go!


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

Edifier S350DB Bluetooth Speaker

If you love to submerge yourself in the world of music, there’s nothing like a quality set of speakers to help you along the way. Edifier’s S350DB is a 2.1 channel speaker system which is designed to give you a more powerful and immersive listening experience. This bookshelf speaker system comprises a 50 watt subwoofer and two 6.5 inch, 2-way satellite speakers with built-in adjustable tweeter. It features critically tuned bass ports, twin 69mm full range drivers and a 50w subwoofer for crisp highs and deep lows. The satellite speakers are also equipped with titanium-dome tweeters that produce clear highs. All this is housed in a modern gloss piano black cabinet with detachable rear grills.

Most people find that the small Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker System does the trick for their music, movies, and games. The S350DB has a 3.5-inch midrange driver that delivers excellent, detailed sound across the spectrum. A pair of full-range satellite speakers come included with the system too—each one has a 3.5-inch driver that operates in tandem with the midrange driver to produce clear, balanced sound. To round out the system, an 8-inch subwoofer is included to help deliver deep, booming bass response. The S350DB is housed in a compact, sleek, and beautiful wood enclosure that looks great placed almost anywhere in your home. (You don’t even need to find a place to hide the wires, thanks to a wired remote that lets you easily control the system without having to get up!)

A Bluetooth speaker is a convenient addition to any space, and the Edifier S350DB Bluetooth Speaker is no exception. This Bluetooth speaker will enable you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere in the room, whether you’re in the kitchen or in your backyard. In addition, this speaker system features BLUETOOTH V4.1 APTX WIRELESS SOUND – Other available inputs are AUX, RCA, optical, and coaxial.

Edifier S350DB is a 2.1 speaker system consisting of a tower speaker, and a subwoofer. It offers wireless remote control that gives you full command over the powerful duo. At the heart of the S350DB is a dual 5-1/4-inch aluminum woofer that delivers strong bass and clear sound with a powerful response down to the deep bass range. The system delivers a total of 25 watts RMS (75 watts peak) with an all-new stereo amplifier that powers the speakers in sync. Additionally, the system comes with on-speaker controls to provide ultimate ease in adjusting the volume, bass, or treble. The S350DB is a great addition to your home entertainment system.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

DINDIN Bluetooth Speaker

DINDIN portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with remote control and more powerful sound, upgraded version of DINDIN wireless Bluetooth speaker. DINDIN speaker is a perfect combination of two woofers and two tweeters. It has a tube-like radiator at the end of the box and uses a magnet to attract the sound from the speakers. It is easy to carry, stylish, and produces heavy bass sound. DINDIN wireless Bluetooth speaker can connect to any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. And it is a wireless mobile Bluetooth speaker, which supports wireless charging technology.

Get the party going with this wireless speaker that produces 360-degree sound and delivers impressive, lively sound. The 15-watt speaker features enhanced EQ sound effects and a full-range driver. The built-in microphone lets you sing along with friends, and the speaker is portable with a rechargeable lithium battery that delivers up to 6 hours of enjoyment. Two 3.7-volt batteries are included, and the speaker has a range of up to 33 feet.

Just because the party’s over doesn’t mean that you have to stop the music! Enjoy your favourite songs and stay entertained with the DINDIN Bluetooth Speaker . This sleek and compact device comes with a 3.55mm AUX jack for compatibility with your PC, along with an SD card reader for playing your MP3s. Simply connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth and begin streaming your favourite songs in stereo sound. With a range of up to 10m, you can enjoy your music wherever you are in the room. The DINDIN Bluetooth Speaker also includes a remote control for added convenience.

No matter what activity you are in, it will be a wonderful choice to have this wireless portable bluetooth speaker with you. Its compact size and cute appearance will make you fall in love with it at the first sight. The DINDIN bluetooth speaker is one of the best bluetooth speaker for its portability and strong function.The bluetooth speaker has a handle for carrying, a phone holder for easy viewing and hands-free, which supports the standing of mobile phone, tablet. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 which the connection range is about 33 feet. The bluetooth speaker quickly pairs with Android phone, iPhone or iPad. It is suitable for party, outdoor, indoor, car, pool, beach, camping, office, meeting room, bedroom and gym.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

ABRAMTEK E600 Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s be honest. The audio quality has been a little lacking on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but that’s all about to change. Say hello to powerful, crystal clear sound. The wireless speaker revolution is here. Meet the Abramtek E600, a speaker that delivers unmatched performance, convenience and value. Simply connect to your device, press play, and you’re ready to jam to the fullest. This speaker is portable, lightweight, and rechargeable. It packs a punch with a 1,600mAh battery and powerful speakers that deliver a full range of pristine sound from high to low frequencies. What’s more, this baby is equipped with a built-in lithium ion battery that delivers 15 hours of play time. That means you can be as loud as you want for up to 15 hours without any distortion. The E600 is also equipped with a patented dual-pressure air compression speaker system. This revolutionary technology makes this speaker stand out from the crowd.

Experience 360 degrees of immersive sound with the E600 wireless speaker. Designed with a high intensity neodymium magnet and a precision sound processor, the E600 delivers a 360 degree omnidirectional sound profile with a crisp, powerful bass that fills any room with 360 degrees of clear, rich sound. Connecting to your device couldn’t be easier with Bluetooth compatibility and the E600 also includes a 3.5mm Audio cable, NFC and USB that can be used to play music from your device. Whether your mobile device is up to 30 feet away or you are listening to music stored on a computer, the E600 delivers 360 degree sound in any situation.

Now, you can enjoy the party from anywhere where there is a power outlet! The ABRAMTEK E600 is a portable high power wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth connection for music streaming over 2 speakers or through one 3.5mm audio cable for true left and right channel synchronizing.  Perfect for outdoor and indoor usage and having fun with friends and family with its bold sound that can be heard at a great distance. Use the 3.5mm audio cable to plug it into your computer or smartphone to play music and use the Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly.  This portable speaker comes equipped with a high capacity battery that plays more than 4.5 hours play time on a single full charge.  It is great for use with smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, tables, and any other device that supports Bluetooth streaming.  With a built-in microphone, the E600 is great for Skype calls and the high quality of the speakers allows for excellent sound quality for such applications.  With a soft light-up led light, the E600 adds a comforting ambience to your room and a stylish look that can be used for fun or for business.

Take it anywhere you go. Share your favorite tunes with the world. The E600 speaker packs a big punch and is ready to pump out crazy powerful sound. It can connect via Bluetooth, the 3.5mm cable, or the aux cable. Take it to the pool, out on a hike, or just chill out on the patio. The ABRAMTEK E600 will fill every corner of your party with great sound. It is weatherproof, shockproof, and even dustproof! This speaker is strongest when paired with alcohol.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

MUSGO Bluetooth Speaker 

MUSGO HB1 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers an unmatched experience of listening to music with your friends and family. Powered by your device, MUSGO HB1 is capable of playing up to 8 hours of continuous music. It is small, portable and bluetooth. And, with a built-in power-bank, you can charge your tablet, phone or other USB-chargeable devices while you listen to music. The way you enjoy music has just been taken to a new level.

This speaker is designed for music lovers. It is made of high quality materials; it is tough and durable. A really good speaker for iphone, ipad and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology, with an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calling. It can play music with very high quality, and the sound is loud enough for a small and medium sized room. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and can be used as a speakerphone.

MUSGO’s HB1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is engineered to deliver powerful sound in a portable and cost-effective speaker. This IPX6 waterproof bluetooth speaker is not only sturdy and shockproof, but IPX6 is waterproof, dustproof and sandproof. Durable and waterproof bluetooth speakers are sufficient for the wildest tailgate parties and camping, and can withstand any weather and pool parties. The exterior is designed with rubber to prevent scratches and can be carried with you for beach parties and pool parties.

MUSGO HB1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, love music but hate wires? If so, you’ve come to the right place! MUSGO HB1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the first and only true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker in the market with faster connection speed, more stable signal transmission, and lower power consumption. The bluetooth speaker is designed to both be a wireless speaker and a charging dock, making it the most convenient wireless speaker ever. You can easily connect your phone and pair two Bluetooth speakers wireless to enhance your music experience, that’s the real freedom! You can connect the speaker to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, then play your favorite music via the speaker with a much better sound quality.


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

SUPNIU Bluetooth Speaker 

The Supniu Portable Bluetooth Speaker combines multiple high-quality acoustic drivers to produce crystal-clear audio. It has 2 tweeters, 2 mid-tweeters and a bass radiator to produce a crisp, clear sound without distortion, making it a great addition to any party. Its hands-free calling feature allows you to answer and make calls without the hassle of holding your phone. Its built-in microphone enables you to talk and listen to people during a conversation. The Supniu Portable Bluetooth Speaker is easy to operate and has an elegant, ergonomic design. It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Packed with features and functionalities, this is one speaker you will never have to regret investing in. Built with a rechargeable battery that powers the built-in LED light effects of this portable speaker, you will never run out of charge. Simply attach the speaker to any 3.5mm audio port of your device, and enjoy your favorite music. The wireless connectivity helps you connect to any mobile device with no hassle. The LED light effects and convenient control buttons enhance the listening experience, making this speaker one of the best in the market.

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this wireless speaker has superior wireless transmission range of up to 100 feet. It has the capability to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device; smart phone, PC, laptop, MP3 player, tablet, TV, radio and more. Enjoy rich, stereo sound from this powerful, portable speaker, even while you’re outside grilling up your favorite food or at the beach going for a swim. This speaker also has a 3.5 mm audio cable if you want to keep the music going without using Bluetooth. When you don’t want to use the wireless feature, you can use the 3.5 mm audio cable to connect any device with a headphone jack for wired listening.

Whether it’s an outdoor party with friends or an indoor karaoke party with family, this portable Bluetooth speaker will make your party amazing. With its built-in microphone and speakerphone capabilities, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the speaker and sing along with your favorite music. You can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless music listening. Enjoy your favorite music from many devices with the versatility of this portable Bluetooth speaker.

Turn the party up with the Portable Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker! No matter if you’re having a small intimate get-together with your friends or an outdoor party with all your family, you can turn the volume up with this Portable Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker!


bluetooth speaker with subwoofer

SOWO Bluetooth Speaker 

SOWO audio technology unites with a CNC milled aluminum housing to deliver a highly portable and powerful audio experience. The durable and stylish exterior is designed to wrap around its solid metal core, preventing any damage. Equipped with a 2 × 5W high fidelity speaker and 2 × 5W subwoofer, SOWO delivers remarkable sound quality to any setup. Enjoy your music while watching a movie! The included 3.5mm audio cable allows you to connect any smartphone device and focus on the task at hand. With wireless Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone, you can take and make calls at any time. The included 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery optimizes portability and long-lasting performance. Charge your device to full power in about 2 hours and enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous use. No more worrying about your device’s battery life! The LED indicator will alert you when your battery is running low and needs to be recharged. Certified by the FCC, CE, ROHS, SAA and C-tick, SOWO is a portable speaker with an unrivaled sound that you can take anywhere.

SOWO Surgeboom X3 is the next generation portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 35W of stereo audio drivers and two passive radiators, which perfectly realize sound quality and loud volume output. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures instant pairing. The radiator is also loaded with cool LED lights with dual 256 level brightness display. It is Crazy Lights Speaker. (Lights can be turned off according to your needs)

Built in the 7.4V 5000mah super electric vehicle grade battery that can go for up to 24 Hours (Fully charged , playtime varies according to volume level and audio content). Quick charge gets back to full in about 3 hours.Our portable bluetooth speaker comes with USB port to easily recharge all your mobile devices. Makes Music Last – Just imagine the amount of fun you’ll have at a picnic or on your boat – on a single charge!

Perfect for that get-together with friends at the beach, pool, or on the go. The SOWO is the perfect piece of equipment for your next party. This speaker is designed to be rugged and durable. With a water-resistant design, the Surgeboom 3 is perfect for the outdoors where it can handle any weather. The Surgeboom 3 comes in two colors. Choose from black and blue. The Surgeboom 3 is available for a reasonable price. With a very powerful battery, you can listen to your music for a long period of time. The battery can last up to 10 hours of continuous play. This Bluetooth speaker takes less than two hours to charge. The Surgeboom 3 is perfect for that weekend getaway or the summer party with friends. When the party is over, you can easily clean up the mess. The Surgeboom 3 is easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside of the speaker. The Surgeboom 3 is perfect for your next beach party or hangout with friends.

bluetooth speaker with subwoofer