How to Disconnect someone from Bluetooth Speaker

Many people who use Bluetooth speakers will have experienced the annoyance of having someone else’s music playing and not knowing how To disconnect Someone From Bluetooth Speaker . Maybe you were trying to sleep and they had their speaker turned up too loud, or maybe you just wanted them to turn down the volume so that you could hear yourself think. Whatever your reason for wanting them to leave your personal space, there is a way of doing it without being rude – although some might say that disconnecting from another person’s Bluetooth speaker is an act of rudeness in itself! But if this has ever happened to you then read on as we tell you how…

Here Comes the Question how To disconnect Someone From Bluetooth Speaker

Force Someone Bluetooth Disconnect using Pairing mode

If you want to forcibly disconnect someone from your speaker, the best way to do it is by using the pairing mode. This will override any music that is playing and cut off their connection.

To do this, you need to:

4) Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker until you hear a beep

5) Let go of the button and wait until you see the Bluetooth symbol disappear from your phone screen

6) The person should now be disconnected from your speaker

7) If it fails, try turning off your speaker and then turn it back on again

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker

Change speaker input to wire option to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speakers

If you have an older technology speaker that doesn’t have Bluetooth, or if your speaker has a wired Connection option, you can use the wire to physically disconnect the person from the speaker. All you need to do is unplug the wire from the speaker and then plug it back in again. This will cause the person to be disconnected from the speaker.

If it’s not an older model of speaker than changing the setting from Bluetooth to Aux will disconnect device. Then you can change back and connect yourself or let it have aux mode as needed!

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Stay Paired up with Bluetooth Device

If you want to make sure that someone can’t play music through your Bluetooth speaker without your permission, the easiest way to do this is to stay paired up with the speaker yourself. This way, even if they try to connect to the speaker, they won’t be able to play anything because it will only be playing from your device.

Turn off Bluetooth Visibility in Bluetooth Devices

The simplest method of stopping anyone else playing their music is to turn off your Bluetooth visibility. This will stop anyone other than yourself from Bluetooth connection, but it does mean that you will be unable to connect to any devices either.

You can set up a key to your speaker so only you have access. This will allow for easier connection and more security, but of course if someone gets their hands on the key it’s not too hard at all to change the key.

This feature is on the latest speakers or advanced speakers. The only way you can use this function, if your own speaker is up-to date as well. For other Bluetooth devices you can try one of other methods that are explain above.

How to disconnect someone from Bluetooth speaker


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different methods for making sure your speaker is disconnected. It’s important to disconnect properly so that there are no issues with data or anything else from the device being shared between Bluetooth devices, and we want to make sure this process goes smoothly.


Question: What is the easiest way to disconnect someone from a Bluetooth speaker?

Answer: The easiest way to disconnect someone is by using the controls(Bluetooth Button/ Power Button) on the speaker itself.

Question: What happens if you cannot find the Bluetooth device that is playing music?

Answer: If you cannot find the Bluetooth device that is playing music, you will have to unpair it from your phone or computer if it was paired with either one.

Question: What should you do if the person does not want to stop playing music?

Answer: If the person does not want to stop playing music, you can try disconnecting them by force. However, you should only do this as a last resort.