How to Clean Iphone Speaker Slot Complete Guide

The Speaker of your iPhone is used for listening to music, movies, or phone calls. It becomes dirty with time, and you may not hear the sound clearly when you adjust the volume to max level. If this happens, then it’s time to clean iPhone speaker slot. Sometimes dust enters the loudspeaker slot while using earphones which can also make your sound low quality. So follow these simple steps for cleaning up the iPhone speaker slot using Cleaning tools.   

 First things first, what’s causing this malfunctioning? Dust builds up in your sim card slot or anywhere around the Speaker. It could also be dirt stuck in the actual speakers that are cleanable with this method.

The Speaker is near the charging port on an iPhone. It would be best if you cleaned the Speaker to keep your phone’s health good. You might want to try a few different cleaning methods, but be careful and don’t use sharp objects. Please read this article about how to clean it at home so you can do it quickly.

Clean iPhone Speaker Slot with an Adhesive Tape

The speaker slot on your iPhone can be challenging to clean. When dirt and dust gather in the space, it will affect the sound quality of your device. Fortunately, there is an easy way to clean the speaker slot using adhesive tape!

Masking tape is a great alternative to mask your speakers because it’s cheap and easy to use. All you need are some paint- remnant sheets that will fit into the tight spaces of each speaker slot. Plus, one piece of regular adhesive covered by nonadhesive paper for wrapping around your fingers when rolling out onto more significant areas like windowsills or doorways where you don’t want anything sticking so quickly!

Now, roll the tape cylinder gently on top of your speakers. The dust particles will stick and be removed easily with a clean piece for each speaker slot, or it can get dirty if not careful; use another fresh one! Cleaning up should take less than 10 minutes since this process is done at home while watching TV (or something like that).

Clean Iphone Speaker Slot

Using Toothpick to clean speaker slot

You’ve probably had the experience of listening to music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and noticed that it sounds muffled. You may have heard about a rumor that you can fix this by sticking something small into the headphone jack slot. It doesn’t seem logical at first, but many people use this old trick to clean out their speakers! To understand how it works, let’s look at what happens when we use our phone speakers. 

The sound comes through those tiny little holes in the Speaker. By inserting a toothpick or other small object into the hole (like a paperclip), you’re essentially opening up those tiny holes so air can flow more freely.

Insert the toothpick into one of two speaker holes on either side. Now Slowly move it across to its opposite end, where you’ll notice that there are dirt particles trapped in between your phone screen and cover glass; rub them off with some steady pressure while moving around circular motions. Once all visible grime has been removed (it may take multiple tries), use another toothpick)if needed, Rotate the device so the speakers face downward. Shaking motion should help speed the process along.

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Using Cotton Swab to clean speaker slot

This technique works best if you use a thin cotton swab, but it can be used with any material that would fit in the small space on your phone. It takes less than five minutes and requires no special tools or skills!

A cotton swab is a great way to clean your iPhone speaker slot. Rub the cloth on one side of your phone’s grill and then move it in circular motions both ways: right or left, just like how you would with an eraser, making sure that no residue remains behind from any previous attempts at cleaning! Spend more time going over different areas if necessary by reinserting this tool until everything looks brand-new again – don’t worry about being gentle while doing so (because we know what they’re made out of here ) Take note, though; once dirtied through use (or even after some brief contact), change them immediately for fresh ones since these little helpers aren’t designed durable enough against wear & tear.

Compressed Air Method 

Cleaning the iPhone speaker slot with compressed air is a simple and easy way to get rid of any dust collected within your phone. If you’re tired of muffled sounds coming from your speakers, or if you want to make sure there isn’t anything stuck inside that could be affecting sound quality, then this is the solution for you! It only takes 15 minutes and will keep your iPhone sounding its best. Let’s take a look at what we’ll need and how it works.

Attach the straw with the nozzle of your favorite spray can. Make sure it is at average room temperature before attaching so that there will be no condensation inside! Now, press down on both sides and release to see if air comes out or not–if not, then you may want to adjust any openings between parts for optimal performance when applying pressure later.

Clean Iphone Speaker Slot

You will need two things: an empty spray can and straw. Place one end of the handle in your non-dominant hand so that it forms an L shape with about half an inch sticking out from its side, then hold both by either side as if they were guns at eye level while standing directly over the speaker slot facing away from the wall – never look down!

Now, release the air into your speaker grill. Two or three blasts will blow away all of that dirt you find trapped within! Be sure to maintain a safe distance between yourself and anything with which it comes in contact – including straws for this project if desired by whoever performs them so long as they are being done safely without causing harm.

Type Cleaner Method

Modeling clay is a perfect thing to clean your iPhone speaker slot. It’s used in the manufacturing industry for cleaning mechanical typewriters and other delicate equipment, but you can also use it on an iPhone! Take some modeling clays–knead them until they become softer so that dirt doesn’t get stuck when pressing against one of those tiny holes at home or abroad (wherever there isn’t access otherwise). Start by putting some light pressure onto where dust has gathered; make sure not too much force comes out because this could damage even worse than what already exists.


We hope you enjoy these tips on how to clean your iPhone speaker slot. It’s essential for the voice of our devices, and they’ll perform more efficiently if we keep them free from dirt! Here are some simple ways that will help: try any one method or combine all as desired – remember not to use alcohol, put anything else into charging ports besides an SD Card (even toothpicks), avoid putting pressure onto slots while cleaning with a cloth/pad combo since this might result in scratches being made permanent due to their texture changing slightly under prolonged exposure

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